2 0 4 8 : a D I A R Y

A Letter From a Scotsman
{Tommy Cherry is a Facebook friend of the author. They are not related.}

21 January, 2016

James! I have been amiss, and I do apologize for my tardiness... I know that everyone is supposed to be a critic these days, at least that is what everyone keeps telling me, but I know my limitations. I read for personal pleasure, and I am so glad to say that 2048 : A Diary was indeed a pleasure to read, and for the most personal of reasons.

Are we related? I kept asking myself that question as I read each chapter. As someone who grew up in Britain sucking on the teat of pop culture, reading Moorcock, obsessing on A Clockwork Orange and formulating pseudo religious theories based on mass popular culture, I can honestly say this is familiar territory that I feel most at home in. You really do write very well, James and I look forward to reading your novel Coronado, as the early Nineties is another one of my interests, though nightmare might be closer to what I mean..ha ha! There were a lot of Ignatius Fumbos around, myself included, so I never for a moment thought there was anything unrealistic about him. I could identify with him very easily and even though he got into a lot of scrapes that could be described as SF or Pulp, and even though it was taking place in an imagined future, it all seemed humorously familiar to me, and I genuinely laughed out loud in recognition on numerous occasions. Especially when the prospect of a ride in a dirigible came up. How did you know that is something I have always wanted? Ha ha..brilliant!

I loved Mystery Girl. Who couldn't love her? She house broke her heart, like some future Karen O...perfect! I would be interested to find out what someone, who didn't think the book was custom written for them, thought about it. Is that a handicap? I honestly don't care. Because, like I said James, I read for personal pleasure and 2048 : A Diary was just that...a pleasure from start to (unexpectedly and welcomed) happy conclusion, and on so many personal levels...I hope my thoughts on it are helpful. Lord knows, I'm no critic. Great stuff, James. More power to your pen!

- Tommy Cherry, Glasgow, U.K.

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